Monday, March 30, 2009

STL DigiScrap Gathering

My BFF Heather is always coming up with these great things for us to do. This adventure was going to STL for a digi scrap get together. You bring your laptop and work on your computer together. Hummie put this together and it was great!!! I had so much fun getting together and meeting some neat designers out there. Im the one always out there grabbing the great freebies and using them. Now, I got to meet some of them that do a wonderful job of putting there great ideas into layouts, papers, ribbons, ect. Big clap for them all!

Heather picked me up around 9, maybe a little later. We got on the interstate and drove in the misty rain. We finally made it to where we were going. I was hungry and needed to eat before we joined the other girls. So we found a popular doughnut shop. yum!

If you guess Krispy Kreme, your right! There was a very nice lady there that offered to take our picture together. We decided at that moment, we were tourist!!! Tourist from IL. :) So after we had our breakfast, custard filled chocolate glazed doughnuts and coffee, we headed over to the hotel. Our room wasnt ready yet so we grabbed just our scrapping supplies, which was a laptop and some cords and headed to the Monticello room...

This was great! Tables set up and all you had to do was find a seat and start scrapping. For me this was a little difficult. I had a netbook with a linux operating system and was using GIMP for the digi scrapping. I think for not knowing what the heck I was doing I did fabulous for my first page :) Kudos for me! I normally use the desktop at home and PSE7. Windows is easier, but I like a challenge. So now, next time I go, ill have it all figured out and wont have to spend half the day figuring out how to use it. I still had tons of fun.

So during the day we broke for lunch. I forgot the name of the place we ate at, but it was there in the hotel. Some irish pub.

So after lunch we finished up our pages... or for me, a page. I used the ShabbyPrincess' newest kit.

We took a group shot before we all left at 4. I thought this turned out super cute!

I had such a blast and so glad I got to meet all these people. Me and heather could have fun in a cardboard box I think. We are going to try that! hahah :)

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