Monday, May 4, 2009

You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Has your child ever blown you away with amazement??? Lucas did! I was so suprised at how well he did on his first experience with a BB Gun. We set up a cup and box in the garage and away he went with hit after hit. He held the gun properly, aimed, fired, hit! I was shocked. Hes a natural with targets. Im glad he has found something he enjoys and is good at. Just thought id share his natural born talent with you :)

Field Trip!

I was happy to be picked to go on Lukes field trip for school. I got to meet alot of moms and spend one on one time with my "pookey bear" Mrs. Ogden is his teacher and she is awesome! Shes a really great teacher. We went to Glazebrook Park in Godfrey. They learned about plants and played games and made little projects. My BFF heathers little girl was there too in another class, so I got double lucky to have her in my group too. Lucas was happy she was with us too. There buds and get along great! Her name is Jaden. As you can see, it wasnt very sunny but turned out to be a fun day. We had Lunch, with was roasted hotdogs and chips and apples or carrots. Then for dessert we had Smores!!!!! I think all the kids loved it!