Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Week!

As you all know, I sell Mary Kay so I worked for like 4 hours total in a 3 day period and sold 324.00 worth stuff!!! How cool is that??? A very very easy 160.00 Here is a pic of me playing with some colors... What do you think?

These colors are very light compared to what I normally wear...

In the first picture I am wearing bronzer. Iv never used before and discovered I love it! Gives off a pretty glow. I love make up!

If anyone wants a facial and free make over, let me know. I would be happy to polish you up.

Lets see... I didnt really do much of anything else this weekend. Just sort of sat around and was lazy. Easter is coming soon so I did fight with people to win some Ghostbuster stuff. It must be pretty popular because these used playsets are selling for unbelievable amounts of money! I did end up winning a set but it had no figures so I purchased them seprately. Im sure my kids will love on easter! Lucas is on Spring Break so its nice that Jacob and Nathan have someone to play with. Im trying to get things done here at home, and with him im sure it will happen.

On another note, my BFF is in Florida!!! Lucky duck. I miss her so much but I know she is loving where she is. Im sure ill get a tshirt or something from the Ron Jon place, which is where she stays :) Miss you feather!!!

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  1. I miss you too Sweetie. Wish you could have come with us. I like the bronzer. It looks really pretty. Great job on your facials. You are doing soooo good! Well, off to the zoo today. Love you!

    Heather Devino