Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heathers Birthday Weekend

Me and my best bud went to Springfield IL for her birthday. She had some gift certificates to BJ's Salon there. So I thought it would be fun to book a room and stay the night and get pampered the next day. We had so much fun!!! So heather comes to pick me up around 4pm on friday. I have just 2 small walmart sacks (my dogs peed on my good bags so I was left with plastic or paper) that I put in her trunk. Um, heather had like 4 suitcases... I was confused and amazed at the same time she could pack so much for one night. Let me tell you, that girl was ready for a tornado!!! She had everything packed!!! I hardly pack anything and she packs her house. This is what is so hilarious. Of all that stuff, she packs one pair of underwear. Even I was prepared with 2. We cracked up because she had probably 5 outfits, swimsuits, shoes, even a few bras but one pair of panties :) I guess maybe you had to be there if your not cracking up at the moment. But back to the fun, we had tons. We went to the hotel resturaunt and it was very bright and clean and fancy. Me and heather sit down at a table that is 10 feet long (not really, but seemed like it because when we tried to talk quietly we couldnt hear each other) and made for 2 people. One on each end. Everyone in there is quiet and refined. And here is 2 girls just wanting some junky fried food. Me and heather try to talk but we cant. She cant hear me and I cant hear her. So I say something funny and she cracks up laughing and it echoes everywhere. Everyone sorta turns and looks which to me is even funnier. Im sure these OLD people think were on crack or something. So we ask the waitress if we can go to the lounge area. YES! so much more relaxing and we can sit next to each other and talk. There was a VA convention going on so lots of old people were worming around us. Quit interesting actually. But we order or bar food which was.... Mini Egg rolls, Chicken wings, Calamari, and shrimp cocktail. They called it plane food because you got just a few of each for 3 bucks for each dish. So we get one of each and share it all. It was a really nice birthay dinner hehehe were not into fancy meals, we like our fried bar food. But they didnt have mushrooms :( Oh well. We hung out all night and talked and laughed and then went to bed. Next morning went to salon and had the best pedicure in the world!!! Then I had my first eye brow waxing.. I know I know, first time. I didnt cry even though she did get some tender spots. But after we got done, I felt great! My toenails were all painted pretty and my brows looked amazing!!! heather looked cute too when we were done. Time to go home... cry...sniff...sniff... Iv had so much fun I wish we could have stayed an extra night. But I do miss my babies at home. So we stop at El Mezcal in town first and have some good food. Heather is so great, she takes me to hit n run for a humdinger before I go home. Now thats a friend people. Someone who gets you a soda, but not just any soda, the best drink in town!

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