Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Kay

Lets see, lets see. Where do I begin. It was great! I had 11 people and had 723.00 in sales!!! Things went pretty good for me. I love Mary Kay. Iv never found a product like it. Iv tried several different products and in the end resulted to using soap... Not good. My face always looked powdery and cakey from my make up and my skin would flake from being dry. So when I used the miracle set for the first time I was amazed!!! I couldnt believe id finally found something that worked for me. Its easy to promote something when you really believe in it. When I first started this, I wasnt sure what my plan or goal would be. I know now that I want to be good at something in my life. Iv always done my friends hair and make up for events in High School. It never dawned on me once to become a consultant of some kind doing something I liked doing. And here I am. All I can say, is I wish id made the decision sooner. I love being around other girls who love make up as much as I do. The skin care is great as well, but I love playing with colors and different ways to apply the colors. So wish me luck on my business!!! And if you ever need someone to help you out with skin care and make up, im your girl!

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