Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July Desktop

Im so bad at keeping up... but im trying!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 2009 Desktop

Been a while since iv been on my blog... Ill start being better :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

You'll shoot your eye out kid!

Has your child ever blown you away with amazement??? Lucas did! I was so suprised at how well he did on his first experience with a BB Gun. We set up a cup and box in the garage and away he went with hit after hit. He held the gun properly, aimed, fired, hit! I was shocked. Hes a natural with targets. Im glad he has found something he enjoys and is good at. Just thought id share his natural born talent with you :)

Field Trip!

I was happy to be picked to go on Lukes field trip for school. I got to meet alot of moms and spend one on one time with my "pookey bear" Mrs. Ogden is his teacher and she is awesome! Shes a really great teacher. We went to Glazebrook Park in Godfrey. They learned about plants and played games and made little projects. My BFF heathers little girl was there too in another class, so I got double lucky to have her in my group too. Lucas was happy she was with us too. There buds and get along great! Her name is Jaden. As you can see, it wasnt very sunny but turned out to be a fun day. We had Lunch, with was roasted hotdogs and chips and apples or carrots. Then for dessert we had Smores!!!!! I think all the kids loved it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Easter...

I know im a little late but our Easter was great! The kids love to dye easter eggs and this year they did a great job!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Dogs...

I really love my dogs. But when I wake up at 10 am because I stayed up late watching movies... I really don't feel like chasing them thru the neighborhood in my pj's. I don't know why I care, everyone is used to seeing me walk my son to the bus stop in my pj's every morning. Just today was not a day that I felt like chasing after them. I mean, come on Lucky and Linus, cant you just give your mommy a break and come back home when I want you too??? Yeah, I'm laughing too. But anyways, I love them and in my opinion, boxers are the greatest! There beautiful dogs, loyal, loving and very protective (ask my mail lady). Or ask the young African American man who was going door to door selling windows... Lucky backed him down the deck before I had a chance to do anything and growled at him. His exact words were "I guess he doesn't like dark meat?" Sorry dude, he doesn't like any stranger in his yard.

So this morning after I got them back in the house, I made breakfast and got dressed. I didn't want to do this, but I had too. I extended the electric fence from the back yard to now the front. So they have range in both parts. I really didn't want them in the front, but with summer coming who likes to be running around in the back swinging and playing and step in dog poop? My kids always step in it and I'm to lazy to pick it up as often as it needs to be done. So its in the front now and my dogs are very smart. I didn't even have to explain to them to be careful. I put there collars on them and opened the door. They knew exactly what was going on. Linus wasn't thinking and darted but lucky is older and knows better. He took his time and tested the waters. Linus obviously was the first to get bit, and lucky thought he would be smart and try to jump the wire and got it. Now they just sit on the deck looking sad. I think the cats next door know whats going on too. They take there time now walking past my yard just looking at the dogs. You can almost hear what they are thinking "neener neener neener, you cant get me" Lucky still gives his low growl and Linus just prances around. My dogs are great. Its funny to watch them. The dogs love the kids too. I hate to have to put a shock collar on them, but its that or doggy jail and me with fines. I prefer to keep them here since we are all so attached to them and love them dearly. Just look at how cute they are!!! Oh p.s. the dogs did get mad at me for putting the shock collar on them... Linus peed on my pillow and Lucky peed on my rug... NOT so cute...