Monday, February 23, 2009

Monster Truck Show!!!

OK so we went to the Monster Truck show in Springfield IL This was soooo cool. I know what some of you are thinking... why not STL??? OK so Springfield is about double time away, but I didn't have to deal with Mardi Gras and its bigger and more people and crowded plus I couldn't get seats... So this was the next best thing and it was amazing!!! If you have kids and don't want to sit for 6 hours, then the drive is well worth it. Better seats, nice staff, super easy to find, no crowds!!! This show lasted 2 hours. They had 5 Monster Trucks. To me it was more like an under dog show. No big names like Gravedigger, or King Kong, but still a great show. Totally awesome and my kids were great. No fighting, no yelling, no crying to go home. They each got a t-shirt and a snow cone. How cool is that. So here is a couple videos so you can see just how close we were. The video on my camera takes great shots, and I was not zooming in. It was awesome!!!!!! If we ever go again, we decided that Springfield was the best option for us.

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